Getting Started

Right from 1938 since the unfolding of digital computers, digital computing has been fascinating to all. Programming languages also have been evolving ever since. However, the last 2 decades have made it more mainstream, to an extent that today the largest enterprises are digital ones. Everyone is curious and willing to be part of this transformation. But what they lack is a bigger picture. It is about initial trouble in getting started.

Every day we hear about someone got funding, new Startups, IPO, some firm got acquired, new partnership, LLP, and whatnot. Millions and millions of dollars being offered to software solutions. The advertising industry has been growing exponentially. Each passing day we see a new millionaire, and every month a new billionaire. It is adequate for someone to make an enthusiast and get started on it.

The use and adaption of smartphones have progressed to 5.13 billion active devices a day. There are over 2.8 Million apps on the play store but only a few making it to the top. With simplicity and ease of becoming a founder and a self-made entrepreneur, there are over 300 million startups across the world. 7700 in Bangalore and 2200 in Kerala alone and numbers are ever so increasing. But when it comes to average lifespan it is just over 20 months.

So what is it that makes the difference? Why do not all initiatives succeed? It is about getting it right. With a systematic approach and right vision, things can be achieved. But the method for getting it right really matters. Over years you might have heard about software development lifecycle and project management. Software development processes are evident from the name applied to the software industry and project management is a process applicable irrespective of industry.

To get it right, you need to find a balance of both. In this series, with each article being published, I will demystify the process for you.