In today’s world technology has become an integral part of our day to day life. With each passing day, we use digital mediums to access information more than ever. This is my simplified technology blog to help young and aspiring engineers in getting started with programming languages and <strong>custom software development</strong>. In such a rapidly growing and changing environment, it is important to know how it all works, at least to some extent. Becoming a&nbsp; better consumer of digital technology is more like playing a game and becoming a pro. The more you know how it works and the rules to play, the better of a player you become.

Programming is, without a doubt, very important. Hundreds of universities, thousands of professors, students, and practitioners teaching, learning, and practicing the discipline of programming are the purest testimony to the fact. And that’s why programming is the skill you have to learn. Apart from companies in the technology sector, <strong>the number of businesses relying on computer code</strong> is increasing drastically. Programming is crucial when it comes to learning how to innovate, create very eco-friendly solutions for global problems and such. In essence, it helps in speeding up the input and output processes in a machine. In this blog, I will cover various concepts on programming and custom software development.

We can only speculate further as to why programming is important today and will be in the future for that matter. What we can do though is elaborate on why programming is important to programmers. As software becomes ever more sophisticated, the general public is being further and further detached from how they work. So how to get started? I have designed a unique series of articles and personally curated content to make it simpler. It is a consolidation of both from my experience in IT and various other sources. It will provide a unique road-map to a simplified journey in the world of technology

Blog Structure

Getting started

These sections are meant for beginners. Right from a fresh graduate, interns to early career professionals. Consider this as a stepping stone, in the right direction

Coding Examples

This section deals with sample Git Hub Applications, which will help you to get started with hands-on examples. You can try these snippets to get started with coding

Sample Applications

This section details my hosted application, their endpoints. You can get the first-hand experience of my beta program as well.


In this section, I will provide details about the application built by me, their high-level design, and problem statements. These will get you started with design thinking and developer mindset.

Tech Buzz

In this section, I will strip down the complexity of the latest technologies and buzz words. I will do a deep dive of these concepts along with real-life implementations of my hosted applications

Advanced Topics

In this section, I will cover the interesting tech with real-time applications. It embraces interesting tech and interesting discussions. I will demonstrate complex technology areas in a simplified way using working prototypes and use cases.