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I am not a geek or an introvert developer, I am a passionate programmer who loves to solve real world programming problems. I like to build simple project to solve complex business problems. Competitive programming is not my cup of tea.

I like to mentor teams, develop individuals more than code. Help them, nurture them, fail with them to make sure they learn from their failure and lift them up whenever they fail

Higher the odds, higher the excitement, more fun. I like to take up projects or tasks which people say it cant be done. More you push me, harder I strive, brighter I shine

I look forward to your active engagement and support to help me build better content for you.


My mission is to enable early hires to get started with their career path. Guide technology seekers in the right direction and provide the necessary technical knowledge. To provide guidance and required technical assistance to conquer the world of technology. To reduce the gap between academic syllabus and real-world IT problems as much as possible.


To create a series of technical content to provide best in class technology overview in the simplest form, to make it more accessible and more reachable. My mantra is to start small, start right, and grow big in the right direction. To be able to help at least 100 students from Bhalki to attain academic and professional excellence.



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